Cayuga Biotech's Mission 

    • Limiting blood loss to save lives and minimize recovery time for patients
    • Improving upon current clotting treatments that can cause adverse effects
    • Employing biocompatibility and selective targeting to improve safety and efficacy


Doctors are limited in treatment options since current injectable therapeutics can cause adverse effects such as heart attack or stroke. Because of these adverse effects, injectable therapeutics are used in less than 5 % of all trauma patients.

Current treatment calls for surgical intervention and resuscitation to stop the loss of blood and limit damage. However, little can be done currently to stem bleeding prior to arrival at the hospital. The main concern is that patients exhibiting severe blood loss become coagulopathic and die before surgery can correct the bleeding:

    • Currently, one in seven deaths occur worldwide as a result of trauma. That rate is expected to rise to one in five by 2030
    • Uncontrolled blood loss accounts for nearly 50 % of all battlefield deaths
    • In US civilian hospitals, roughly 25 % of trauma deaths occur as a result of hemorrhage