Cayuga Biotech's Mission 

    • Limiting blood loss to save lives and minimize recovery time post-injury
    • Providing improved treatment options for patients with rare bleeding conditions
    • Improving upon current clotting treatments that can cause adverse effects
    • Employing biocompatibility and selective targeting to improve safety and efficacy


Current treatment calls for surgical intervention and resuscitation to stop the loss of blood and limit damage. However, little can be done currently to stem bleeding prior to arrival at the hospital. The main concern is that patients exhibiting severe blood loss become coagulopathic and die before surgery can correct the bleeding.

Dr. Kudela and Dr. Ploense formed Cayuga in 2015. The company evolved from Dr. Kudela’s thesis on developing materials-based clotting agents under the advisorship of eminent materials scientist Galen Stucky, the 5th most cited materials scientist. The goal was to develop treatments that mimicked the function of platelets and polyphosphate to safely promote coagulation in bleeding patients. Cayuga’s pilot studies have shown efficacy without safety complications in both rat and swine models. To date, Cayuga has already received funding through the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) Biological Technologies Office.

In addition to its strong management team, Cayuga Biotech has put together an impressive advisory board including business advisors who have overseen 4 successful biotech exits. Our scientific advisory board is composed of top researchers in the field of materials science and biochemistry as it pertains to hemostasis. Our medical advisory board is composed of top doctors at UC SF and UC Davis, including a decorated combat surgeon.