February 2015: Publication
Kudela D., Smith S.A., May-Masnou A., Braun, G.B., Pallaoro, A., Nguyen, C.K., Chuong, T.T., Nownes, S., Allen, R., Parker, N.R., Rashidi, H.H., Morrissey, J.H., Stucky, G.D. Clotting Activity of Polyphosphate-Functionalized Silica Nanoparticles.”Angewandte Chemie International Edition. 2015; published online.

Watch on YouTube: SNNLive - Cayuga Biotech 

Interview at Los Angeles Venture Association (LAVA) First Look LA 2014. First Look LA supports, nurtures and stimulates the unique culture in Southern California, while furthering LA’s position as a center for start-ups and emerging technology.  In addition to the presenters, venture capitalists and early stage angel investors attend the event, along with local elected officials, business leaders and senior administrators from the universities. 

June 2014:  Inaugural Translational Medicine Award

The Carl and Jo Lindros Award demonstrates the breadth and depth, across UCSB disciplines and colleges, of the basic science and engineering that is translated to clinical application.

May 2014: UCSB New Venture Competition

Now in its 15th year, the UCSB New Venture Competition (NVC) is an opportunity for any UCSB student to learn how to start a business. The NVC has been successful at graduating companies alongside students. New Venture Competition Finals Video

April 2014: UCSB Grad Slam

The Grad Slam is part of the 2nd annual Grduate Student Showcase, a two-week series of events that celebrates UC Santa Barbara’s exceptional graduate students. The Showcase’s signature event is the national award-winning Grad Slam, a campus-wide competition for the best three-minute talk about research or other big ideas by a graduate student.